Sunday, July 13, 2008

Intercompany Session at Oracle Open World

The content catalog is available so you can go and search for sessions.

There's an Intercompany session (S299151), it is not scheduled yet and as I am one of the presenters I can tell you it definitely isn't written yet, next week I'll get started on that with my copresenter from strategy, Helle.  the details of the session are below.  If you have any suggestions about what we should cover, how we might cover it or anything else for the session it would be great to hear from you - add them to the comments and let's see if we can try and tailor the presentation to the audience a little.

Session ID:S299151
Session Title:Are Intercompany Processing and Reconciliation Currently a Pain Point for Your Enterprise?
Session Abstract:Having problems reconciling your intercompany activity? Would you like better documentation and visibility into your various intercompany activities? Are acquisitions or changing legal structures making intercompany processing more expensive and time-consuming? Attend this session, which discusses and demos capabilities of Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany System in Release 12 and implementation options such as using this application as a standalone hub for all your intercompany activity across multiple ERP instances from multiple vendors.
Track:APPLICATIONS, Oracle E-Business Suite
Focus Areas:Not Applicable
Session Type:Conference Session
Product Area:Financial Management
Duration:60 minutes
Room:Rm 2006
Speaker(s)/Company:David Haimes, Oracle.; Helle Hennings, Oracle


Patti Smith said...


Working in E-Business Suite and was wondering about intercompany invoicing across sets of books. Is that possible. I have heard various thoughts - most of which suggest no. Do you have any comments?


Patti Smith

David Haimes said...

Hi Patti,

If you are trying to create a single invoice in Payables or Receivables that has distribution lines that hit accounts in more than one set of books then you are correct this is not possible in 11i or R12.

You need to create a cross charge for the expense from one set of books to another and GIS (11i) or AGIS (R12) cna help with that.

Patti Smith said...

Maybe I wasn't clear enough - we are considering implementing intercompany invoicing for 4 inventory orgs that are set up as follows:

Set of books 1:
Legal entity 1:
Operating Unit 1:
Inventory Org 101 & 201

Set of books 2:
Legal entity 2:
Operating Unit 2:
Inventory Org 251

Set of books 2:
Legal entity 3:
Operating Unit 3:
Inventory Org 161

Inventory Org 161 ships to Inventory Org 101
Inventory Org 251 ships to Inventory Org 201

Can this be done thru intercompany invoicing? Also, volume is about 20-50 for each shipping/inventory org per day; is this volume too much overhead to manage?

Thanks Patti

David Haimes said...


Now the question is clear. Crossing a set of books in that way shouldn't pose a problem and those volumes should not be prohibitive either.

Patti Smith said...

Thanks a bunch for your help. Hope to keep following your blog from now on. Appreciate your help.