Friday, September 19, 2008

Is cool again?

After last year's Oracle Open World I asked if Oracle was cool again and that post was picked up by eye on oracle and created quite a bit of debate. Now we are approaching Open World again and I see Oracle has put it's mix social network front and center taking over the home page with the Oracle Listens campaign. Already @monkchips thinks it's cool.

Not as cool as google? I don't want to go there again. In fact there is a huge amount of buzz on twitter from many people, Oracle and non Oracle alike. I like the cynical take by @jknoll

I don't think Oracle has run out of ideas, I just think they are admitting that customers and partners might have some equally good ideas that we should listen to.

I'm browsing through the ideas and there's an amount of noise as you might expect, but there seems to be a new idea submitted about every five minutes. That amount of feedback is immense.  Credit to the Oracle marketing team for driving this, I see Justin is answering a lot of the ideas right now and other Oracle folks are jumping in too.  Expect to hear a lot more about this next week.

My opinion is this is a bold move and Oracle has convinced me its cool again this year. Do you agree or think it is just a gimmick? Make your voice heard in the comments.


Justin Kestelyn said...

David, a personal message relayed to me from Charles Phillips (who read this): "We've been cool all along!"

David Haimes said...


I think we've aways known we were cool, but the outside world got distracted with our acquisitions for a while and wasn't paying attention to the continued innovation. I said that last year in one of my first blog posts that we're still cool and I think this year Oracle is proving me right again.

If you can relay a message to Charles that I'm happy to have him as a reader and his comments (like all comments on the blog) are welcome anytime.

James Governor said...

honestly- part of the brilliance is just the sheer simplicity and unclutteredness. very unusual for a large corporation. and note i said i said coolest ever homepage rather than coolest ever company. Oracle is impressive rather than cool. Hopefully this move will help to break down make the corporate membrane more porous, making it easier to work with the firm for a broader range of constituencies.

David Haimes said...

@James / monkchips

Cool is subjective, who knows who is cool? People will never agree. Making the corporate membrane more porous may result in it some pain hearing negative feedback in the short term, but it clearly will benefit Oracle in the long run.