Monday, November 17, 2008

One Laptop per Child - the perfect gift

[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignleft" width="340" caption="XO Laptop"]XO Laptop[/caption]

Written by David Haimes

I blogged some time ago about the One Laptop per Child Foundation and how myself and others had taken part in the give one get one program last year. I think the XO laptop is an amazing machine and more importantly I fully support the goals of the foundation.

I got an email and a message to thank me for giving the laptop and as it suggests I will tell 100 people (I hope I have that many readers) and be taking my XO laptop to work this week so I can show people the machine and spread the word about the excellent work the foundation is doing - feel free to drop by my office to check it out. If you want to give then you can do this at


Laurent Schneider said...

good post, but you should correct the link

to point to

Laurent Schneider said...

it also seems they do deliver only to US. I tried with Africa and Europe, no chance :(
We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination

David Haimes said...


You can find them on Amazon UK

to be available December 17th. 275 Pounds sterling and fifty quid to ship (Seems steep). I look at amazon in other countries or where you can ship to from amazon UK.

I fixed the link - thanks for letting me know about that.

Meg Bear said...

I'll be coming by to ask a few questions. Been thinking of this for a gift ever since I read it on your blog last year (but looked into it after the offer was over).

Mohan Dutt said...

Wonderful idea!
Oracle bloggers should unite and target a 100 laptops this holiday season!
It would certainly be a great contribution by this community!

David Haimes said...


I'll leave it on my desk, if I'm not around feel free to play with it or borrow it for an evening if you like.

David Haimes said...


I think it's a great cause and the give one get one is not too expensive as you do get a tax deduction for the give part and a chance to own a truly unique machine.

cennet said...

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