Sunday, December 30, 2007

Top 5 posts of 2007

So this is the time of the year when every media outlet takes a break from creating real content and creates top lists of anything they can think of from the past year and why should I be any different? Letterman has a whole team of writers that help him do this all year round and he reached a deal with them, when other show hosts will have to write their own monologues - poor things. I think I have proved in the short time I've been blogging that I am capable of creating a post with little real content, yet people still read them - so you only have yourselves to blame, by clicking on the more link that is coming up very soon you are just encouraging me.

There is a similar list to this on the Ebizsig blog based on hits, I gave bonus points to my posts for links to on comments on and the top 5 look like this:

1) How do I define my Legal Entities?

2) Is Oracle Cool Again?

3) Intercompany Reconciliation Reports just got Interactive

4) New Intercompany features in R12

5) Cleaning out my closet

I started this blog in November so it is only about 6 weeks old and I've been surprised and encouraged by the interest in it. When Jake introduced me to the Oracle blogosphere he mentioned his surprise that I hadn't come up with a more clever name and that's something I will try and fix in the new year. I also want to keep this blog going through 2008, but I do have a day job(those Fusion Apps won't build themselves no matter how good the middleware is), so I have to get the balance right I think 'almost daily' is a realistic target.

So wishing anybody who has made it this far without clicking away a very Happy New Year and let's hope 2008 is as fascinating as 2007 has been for me.

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