Saturday, February 2, 2008

And General Ledger too

It's been a busy week for me and I have a lot of homework to get through this weekend. I was asked to take on the General Ledger(GL) product 'ownership' in addition to Legal Entity and Intercompany.

I am a little uncomfortable calling myself owner of products, we use this to mean that the product management team and development team report to you. However I don't own anything, I didn't buy the product (like customers) I don't own the source code (that would be the Oracle shareholders) I would say it is more like stewardship of the product.  However the fact of the matter is, I am the one people come looking for when there is a problem!

Taking on General Ledger is a big deal, it's the oldest of the Oracle Apps and has a huge existing user base. Given the close integration of Intercompany and LE with GL it is a good fit to have all three I have a reasonable knowledge of the product and have worked with the development team a lot over the years. The development team I have inherited are very strong, so I'm looking forward to working with them. I'm also looking forward to getting my arms around the product and plan for Fusion.

The net result is I'm going to be very busy, but I am determined to keep the blogging going and I hope I will have some new insight into GL that I can share over the coming months.


Puneet Thapliyal said...

Congratulations David!

I like the way you describe 'ownership'. Ownership is a double edged sword -- with one edge sharper than the other :)

Do I smell a GL Blog now? That would be great.

David Haimes said...


I'm sure I will start blogging about GL and maybe in time other in the GL team will blg too... let's wait and see.

Gareth Roberts said...

Excellent to hear you're onto GL too!
Please keep us up to date with the progress on this blog too.


David Haimes said...

Thanks Gareth - watch this space. I'm sure you'll see an increasing GL focus of the coming weeks/months, but I'll never forget my Intercompany roots

Jake said...

Congrats. Rock on. I can't wait to see the social GL take shape :-)

David Haimes said...

General Ledger 2.0 has a nice sound to it and I have been giving it thought.

There are challenges in socializing my financial results before reporting them to the Wall Street

Meg Bear said...


You are right to suggest that "ownership" really means "on whom to apportion blame" but since a lot in life is knowing who to blame, congratulations on making things easier for the rest of us by taking more blame.
I'm pretty sure you are also now benefactor of an even larger customer group since GL is one of our largest installed products. More customers = more blog readers = more reasons to blog. Keep up the good work!


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