Monday, February 18, 2008

The Armchair Architect

One of the more powerful additions to Oracle financials in R12 is the Subledger Accounting Architecure (SLA or SLAA) and it brings new concepts and terminology which may be hard to figure out.

The good news is there is a blogger to the rescue.  Anne Wong is The Armchair Architect and she's starting to get SLA content up on her new blog.  I'd like to claim some credit as I badgered her into starting the blog, hopefully she will get regular readership and positive feedback to keep her momentum and get all that knowledge from her head onto the web so we can all benefit.


Sanjit Anand said...

Dave..Hope her product expertise, will give a new dimension to looking at this newly product, which will surely enhance the technical/functional skill & knowledge of consulting guys ( me..) and will serve better the Oracle customers, who trust the product undoubtly. Thanks for introducing to Oraapps Blogosphere .


David Haimes said...


Anne has great SLA knowledge - of course she does have a day job, so it will take some time for her to get it all out. She is also open to guest posts - so if you have anything get in touch with her via her blog