Monday, March 24, 2008

Bloggers Block?

It's nice to feel wanted and I'm pleased a few people have asked why no blog posts for a while from me.  Is it Bloggers block, have I lost interest, has somebody got to me?  None of the above - I've been really busy working and traveling, now I am in a hotel room and not sleepy just yet so here I am.

I'm in Hyderabad all week spending some time in meetings with our Indian team based here, this is a long overdue trip and it's really exciting to meet people and put faces to names, voices, IM buddies etc.  A nice example of the power of web 2.0 happened today too, Venkat noticed from my twittering that I was over here so he dropped by to say hello and tell me about his new blog, he isn't in my division anymore so without twitter he wouldn't have known I was around.   Nice story - anyone else in Oracle Hyderabad (or just Hyderabad for that matter) reading this - feel free to drop me a note.

Now to prove I really don't have bloggers block, I need to write something of substance...

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Venkataramanan S said...

Let me be honest - Some credit must go to you for actually motivating me to start my blog. Thanks a lot.