Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photos from Wordpress iPhone

Just taken a picture from my office window of the Americas Cup yacht that is now afloat in the lake at Oracle HQ.

I'm using wordpress iPhone app to post this, which seems to be a nice way to write short text based blog posts and post pictures (assuming this works ok).

UPDATE : When I view the post - the photo didn't get uploaded correctly, looking into that now.

UPDATE 2 : I did nothing and now the photo is there, I think it is just a timing issue, seems the text appears before the photo has finished transferring to the blog.  Anyhow, if I am patient it works :)


Tim said...

Flickr (if you have an account) has a nice feature. Take your photo then email it to them (you need to set it up) with some prose about it. They then forward to your blog for you. I guess this is what the WP function should be doing - could not get it working on my personal blog so went with Flickr!

S. Venkataramanan said...

Nice. So do you get to go around the late in that yacht? By the way, my photo blog running wordpress has a script that pick up an image and posts that to the blog. Probably that is what Tim is looking for.