Thursday, September 18, 2008

Got my OOW badge

I collected my badge here at Oracle HQ, so I can avoid the crowds at the Moscone. Now what I don't have is a ticket to the Party on Wednesday Night, which is held on Treasure Island with UB40, Seal, Elvis Costello and some Country artist who's name I don't recall (sorry - but I only dislike two kinds of music; Country and Western). People may not know this, but Oracle employees in general do not get a ticket to the party even if we have DEMOgrounds or Speaker ribbons on our badges. So there's normally a load of Oracle folks asking customers for and spare tickets. The past few years friends have sorted me out, but this year I have no leads...I will be in the DEMOgrounds Wednesday and Thursday mornings so you can drop by there to chat or contact me if you want to arrange to meet some time.

I plan to do updates via twitter and post here on the blog regularly throughout the conference so stay tuned.

Also check out the official Open World Blog, they're getting great content on there this year and I'll be watching that closely.


Nigel Thomas said...

David, that's such a subtle blag for a spare party ticket!

David Haimes said...

NIgel, you sussed me out.

Actually the party is a very strange affair, a lot of people who normally would not go to see any of these bands dancing awkwardly along. However I am quite a big fan of Elvis Costello and UB40 so if the opportunity comes my way I won't knock it.

Will you be at OOW?

Meg Bear said...

Let me know if you get an extra pass out of your plea.. I'm also shameless digging around for a ticket.

David Haimes said...

Meg - Will do. It's the same every year, there's always tickets people don't want and I hate the thought of them going to waste.

jonny.eight said...

hamies, can't get your usual tickets for the party... life slumming at a startup!

David Haimes said...

Mr eight,
I managed to make alternative arrangements this year, we'll have to find another excuse to get together for a beer or two.